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Ruth Enright was born in Halifax, West Yorkshire and lives in Manchester with her family.

LATEST PUBLISHING NEWS! - - Clarionettes Book Tour  reviews are now live on the link or via my new site

Hear my new podcast about it with Pauline Barclay, author of 9 published books!

11 June 2023 - Seahaven, my first novel , has just won the Chill with a Book Premier Readers' Award. A Premier Readers' Award is only honoured to books that receive exceptionally high evaluations from Chill Readers. Here's what one reader said:

'Wonderful book! I absolutely loved it. It is beautifully written and in just the perfect way to be wholly absorbed in it. Ms Enright’s style is like that of the classics: interesting characters, human interest and sensitivities; and a captivating storyline with twists and turns. Really well done. Congratulations on a thoroughly enjoyable book! I look forward to reading more from this author.'

Seahaven has also been put forward for book of the month!

'Seahaven ' has just finished a book tour! Follow the link to the wrap up page to see some fantastic reviews.

5th January 2023- MY SECOND BOOK BUTTON BOX has won an award! ''A Premier Reader's Award is only honoured to books that receive exceptional high evaluations from Chill Readers.'

Here is the link to the page on, or click on the award image to see more:

This week, on 13th January,  I have been very privileged to be a guest on Pauline Barclay's blog. A big thank you to Pauline for this lovely opportunity:

I have a new podcast about my writing here!

You can also hear Pauline reading the first chapters at

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'Button Box' can be ordered in e-book and in paperback at the link:

 For readers aged 10 and above:

A young girl finds herself living in two different worlds - the present and a dangerous Victorian past...

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My debut novel Seahaven, a historic adventure story set in a fictionalised version of the Whiby area, was published by Blossom Spring Publishing in September 2021. It  can be ordered from Amazon in paperback and e-book.

Seahaven is a lawless fishing village on the wild East Coast of Yorkshire. When a sailing ship is wrecked, three young people from very different backgrounds are caught up in a race against time. Solomon must escape his bondage as an American slave and his two friends, Robin and Sophie, are desperate to help him.

Here is my latest five star review, and you can see them all and more about the book at  at the link above!

A classic adventure tale. A proper page turner and really well written. I enjoyed the interesting historical detail giving an insight into the harsh reality of life in the past whilst still being an enjoyable read as the characters kept the story moving. Highly recommended.

 I very much hope that readers who follow the writing on my website here will enjoy both Seahaven (young adult and upwards) and my new book Button Box  (readers aged 10 to 18 and above) just published, details below. Please see for more information and see my biography on their Our Authors list under the About tab. 

My Amazon Author Page can now be found at:

I would be very grateful if readers could leave me a review on Amazon using this link. It will really help me as an author and will raise the book's profile to reach new readers :

Please do email me too to let me know what you think of the book either here or ruth.enright,


STOP PRESS!! 12/7/22 Two new stories 'Cuckoo' and 'No Goodbyes' are to be published in Yours Fiction Quarterly Magazine published by Bauer Media on 8th September 2022!

I have had five short stories published previously in Yours Fiction Special short story quarterly magazine, November 2020, 'The Pusher' January 2021 'Sea Monser', May 2021'Whispers In the Wind', July 2021 'Brenda's Wedding Day'  and October 2021 'The Eye of A King'. 

Please browse my blog site here for poems, short stories, albums, articles, TV reviews and Diary Moment observations and I hope you enjoy them. 

My eight part serial is called 'Dandelion Souls'.

Short Stories are divided into sections headed:

Ghost and Paranormal; Mystery, Murder and Psychological; General, Humour, Romance, Dystopian Fantasy 

I hope you enjoy reading my Writings and feedback is welcome.

I have a patreon page as another platform for my short stories and poems:

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