A Break in Whitby, much missed for 6 years.

I knew I was back in my native Yorkshire county when we recklessly turned up in the Magpie's queue, literally hot from the beach. It was an unprecendented 32 degrees on Whitby sands that day. We arrived in our glory, suncreamed, sweaty, gritty with sand and carrying all the folding chairs, buckets and spades, towels and sundries that a party of five adults and one four year old needed for an afternoon on the beach. It wasn't a long queue. After a while, a woman appeared at the top of the steps.

"Any of you a party of twelve?" she bellowed. We all obediently answered, truthfully, that we were not and had just turned up to wait. "Oh. Did yer?" she answered.

Those few words, heavily expressed with that lethally deadpan intonation so particular to Yorkshire, were all she needed to really say, "Are you out of your tiny stupid minds? Does it look remotely possible to come here on the off-chance, looking like that? You haven't got a hope in hell without a reservation, and you don't deserve one either. Idiots."

We duly made a reservation and the following evening sailed past the other misguided fools waiting trustingly outside, as we had done the night before. The food really was delicious, in spite of the warm Yorkshire welcome we had initially received!

Some things have changed since my daughter's childhood holidays there. No donkeys on the sands on any of the days, which was rather sad. But there were waves to be jumped, delicious pastries to scoff from Botham's, the 199 steps to the Abbey, a stormy sea trip round the harbour on the mini Endeavour, and fish and chips galore. What more could you want, with one perfect day on the beach to start us off?

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