9. Jul, 2020

Convolvulus Arvensis

Perennial weed or faery transformation,
It clambers over hedgerows in banks of translucent
Strumpet wide flowers and art nouveau leaves
Dangle decadent garlands from railway arches,
Bell pulls and lianas for the butterflies and bees.
A stand of dead wood blooms with its eerie allure,
Sprung up as strange as a spell.
It owns sprite names from the time of tales;
‘Withy wind’, ‘creeping jenny’, ‘bellbine’ ‘possession vine’
And ‘wild morning-glory'.
Convolvulus tangles through Summer thickets,
Draping sharp brambles in softly enticing bouquets.
It is as fragile as magic, though.
Pluck it and its flowers wither in moments,
Leave it and it runs riot below ground,
Gathering a goblin strength in the dark
To wind out further into the world.
Ethereal as a promise of something pure,
It comes from that ‘other’ side,
Strangling and choking all the tender things,
Which it nestles through to climb.

Ruth Enright

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